Conferences Are Coming Soon!

The district calendar committee scheduled two days for schools on the regular calendar to hold parent/teacher conferences.  These dates for fall are October 16th from 3:45-8:00 and October 23rd from 2:15-8:00.  Because of the limited amount of time we have been allotted to hold conferences, we will not be able to accommodate specific scheduled times for student conferences.


You will be given a block of time to come to Samuelson to meet with your child’s teacher. Please come anytime during your scheduled block of time. When you arrive for conferences, there will be a sign up sheet outside the teacher’s door. Please sign your name on this form as soon as you arrive. Teachers will see parents in the order of arrival.  It is very likely that there will be a wait to meet with the teacher.  In the meantime, please plan on visiting the book fair, specials teachers, ELL teachers, and special education teachers.


I know this is a different procedure than in the past, however, we are trying to find a proactive solution to the schedule that was determined by the calendar committee.  We want to meet with you to share your child’s progress.  Please plan on attending.


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