New Safety Measures

We are getting ready to take a significant step toward improving safety at our school and it will require all of us to work together.

Beginning with school year 2016-2017, all elementary schools, including ours, will be equipped with an Electronic Visitor Check-In (EVC) system near the front entrance. The system will require visitors who will have contact with children to scan a driver’s license or other state issued ID, and will produce a badge, which the visitor will wear visibly, so that teachers and staff can see it. Visitors will also check-out when leaving the building.

When a visitor’s ID is scanned, EVC will perform and instant screening for sex offenders and no-contact orders. It will also keep a list of who is in our building in the event of an emergency.

We realize not every parent or guardian has an ID. Once EVC is installed, we’ll visit individually with those who need an alternative means of checking in.

To read more about EVC, visit this link.


I hope you’ll join us in welcoming this new level of security for our children.

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