Free Breakfast in the Classroom

The DMPS Food and Nutrition Department is able to provide all DMPS elementary students breakfast at no cost through the federally funded, school breakfast program.  We will use an innovative approach called Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) that helps ensure that all of our elementary students have access to – and eat – breakfast each day.  We found that when breakfast is offered to students in the classroom, participation increases significantly, to approximately 80% of students.  With all the positives about breakfast in the classroom, we want to extend these benefits to as many students as possible.  However, to receive a breakfast at no cost, each student must select certain food items deemed by the U.S.D.A. to be part of a healthy meal. Our staff will be available to help them make those selections.

School Breakfast must off the following 3 components:

                        We must offer:

  • Milk
  • Juice/fruit or vegetable
  • Grains or breads / meat/meat alternate (entrée)


Students must select 3 food items with one being a ½ cup fruit or juice to receive a breakfast at no cost. The cashier at school will check each student’s tray to ensure they have a complete meal.

Each morning, before students go to their classroom, they stop at the cafeteria or kiosk station to pick up a reimbursable breakfast to take with them.  Students enjoy the nutritious breakfast with their classmates at the beginning of the day.  During this time teachers can take attendance, and have their morning meeting.  Some teachers may choose to give assignments for students to work on as they finish their breakfast.

If your student does not take a complete meal, the student will be charged per item.  For example, if a student selects milk only, 50 cents will be charged to their meal account.   Individual items will continue to be available for purchase. Students must pay cash or have money in their account to make these purchases.

A family can choose if they are going to participate in school breakfast, just like school lunch.  We encourage your child to try it or remember it as an option on mornings when they don’t have time to eat at home.

Your family may still qualify for free or reduced price meals regardless of receiving a no cost breakfast. Please complete an application available at . All members of your household should be listed on the application.

To qualify for fee waivers and other programs that are based on household income, households must complete the home economic survey that is part of online registration.

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