2018-2019 School Hour Change

Be Prepared

7:30 – 2:25

The new hours essentially flip the current hours, so elementary students begin the day a little earlier while middle and high school students would start a little later. This change is being made to better meet the needs of our students. Much research points to how this helps students as it better matches up with the sleep patterns of children at different ages, along with many other factors that will contribute to the success of students. With this change, Samuelson school hours will be 7:30 – 2:25.

Des Moines Public Schools realizes that this is a change that would affect nearly everyone in the school district, from students and their families to our teachers and staff, and appreciates the support to do the right thing for education.


Need before or after school care?

If you have questions about before or after school care, please contact Pashion Muhammad at 515-447-8772 or pashion.muhammad@dmschools.org.







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