PTO Meeting Notes

We know many of you want to be involved in our school activities, but attending a meeting is difficult. This is an update from the 1/08/19 PTO meeting, so that everyone can feel included.

Attendance: Cindy Roerig, Amy Wiegmann, Acting President Breanna Powers, Treasurer Mike Johnson, and 2 members ( Cassie Johnson, Candice Fantauzzi)

Treasurer’s report: Funds are being moved from the old account to a new district audited account. This allows for better tracking of PTO funds. So far the transfer has been smooth and we hope this will make accounting easier in the future.

Principal’s Report: Only positive things to say! We have had both academic and behavioral growth this semester. Some of this is due to giving the children autonomy and allowing them to set their own goals. Ask your child what they set for their goal.

New Business: There will be a book fair at conferences. There will also be dinner provided for staff during conferences by PTO. Fun Night is March 1st. There will be a committee planning this event. Please look for more information about how you can be involved. If you would like to join the planning committee please contact Cassie Johnson or Tyne. This is one of the biggest events and everyone is looking forward to it! 5th Grade parties are also starting to be planned. Timeline for PTO elections to be determined. If you are interested in the PTO or holding office, please contact us!!

PBIS Funding Request: Amy Wiegmann requested $500 for PawsRUs store supplies. The motion was approved by all.

The next PTO meeting will be April 9th at 5:30 pm. Please follow the Facebook page Samuelson PTO, and school CNXT to keep updated on all the fun activities. Thank you for being fantastic families!

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