Samuelson at the Beaverdale Parade

This Saturday, September 14th, is the annual Beaverdale Fall Fest Parade.  The lineup has been finalized and Samuelson this year will be entry #27 out of 128.  Students and families of Samuelson are invited to walk the parade to show support for our school (if possible please wear your yellow and green).  The parade starts at 10am and I am planning to be there by 9:30 to greet everyone as you arrive. Please plan on arriving at 9:45. Staging is in the north parking lot of First Federated Church, on the west side of 48th Street between Hickman and Franklin.

Official drop-off zone: The Des Moines Police Department has designated Franklin Avenue, between 44th and 50th, as a drop off zone for parade participants. Your driver will only be allowed a brief period of time to let you out. You can also be dropped off on 50th and cut through Tower Park to the west side of the First Federated parking lot.  Parents cannot leave their cars in the drop-off zones on Franklin between 44th & 50th in order to walk children to the parking lot. The drop-off area is for brief stops only. If you are concerned about your children finding their way to the parking lot, have someone waiting on Franklin to walk them to the lot, or park far enough away so that you can walk them to the lot.

If you are dropping off your child please see myself or another PTO member so that we can get contact information and confirm that you know where to pick up your student at the end of the parade. There is no supervision at the end of the parade.

Candy is not provided by the school or PTO so if your child would like to pass candy out on the parade route please bring some.  Passing out candy is NOT required to participate.  Please come and walk with friends and have a great time.

We also ask that there are no wheels. (ie, roller blades or bikes)  Wagons and strollers are permitted.
See you Saturday!
Heather Ashton
Samuelson PTO Secretary

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