School Hours are 7:45 – 2:40 (Doors open at 7:30)


Phone (515)242-8441    Fax (515)323-8642   Email  samuelson@dmschools.org

District Mission Statement – The Des Moines Public Schools equips students for life by challenging each one to achieve rigorous standards in academics, arts and career preparation.

Samuelson Mission Statement – Samuelson School is committed to providing an accepting and nurturing environment, building on the strengths of our diversity, allowing students to develop lifelong learning skills.

Belief Statements – All children can learn, reaching their fullest potential. Education should facilitate the teaching of respect for self and others, and provide students with life skills and global awareness. All children deserve a safe, disciplined, and stimulating environment with parents and community support through attitude and participation.

Shared Vision for The Future – Samuelson will provide a clean, calm, nurturing environment with small class settings where students are expected to be responsible, respectful, self motivated, and challenged learners. Parents, staff, and community will work together to meet the educational goals and needs of students in our diverse populations.

Accessibility – Samuelson Elementary is handicap accessible. Persons with disabilities who need additional information about accessibility to the building or who need sign or language interpreters, please contact the office at (515) 242-8441.