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In partnership with Iowa MENTOR, part of MENTOR National, Samuelson has developed a mentoring program for students called the Husky Heroes Mentoring Program. This program was created in 2023 and is ready to grow for the 2023-2024 school year.

There is a noticeable need at Samuelson for students needing an additional, adult role model in their lives outside of family members and school staff. Studies have shown that having a positive role model can increase self-esteem, improve behavior and interpersonal skills, decrease the likelihood of substance abuse, develop strengths and interests, improve school attendance, improve academic performance, and create a better attitude about school, among many other benefits.

Mentors for Samuelson students gain a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction for helping others and contributing to their community while building upon leadership and communication skills. And…it’s fun! Mentors and mentees spend time doing activities they are both interested in, like sports, art, reading, and whatever else they enjoy doing together. Pairs meet after school or during the early evening hours at Samuelson.

Samuelson students are referred to the program by Samuelson staff based on criteria such as: making new friends, maintaining existing friendships, managing big emotions, self-esteem, apprehension to try new things, seeking attention in negative ways, class work completion, following directions, and motivation at school.

Anyone over the age of 15 is welcomed to apply to be a mentor for the Husky Heroes Mentoring Program. Hoover High School students are especially encouraged and can receive silver cord hours for mentoring.  Mentors are expected to commit to meeting with their mentee for one hour, once/week for the majority of the school year. The application process for both Hoover students and non-Hoover students is outlined below. Those interested can apply anytime. Information on how parents/guardians can refer their student as a mentee is also outlined below.




Hoover Students (must be at least 15yrs old)

  1. Fill out the application link and TWO reference forms. Send the reference form links to TWO non-relatives.
  2. When the application and TWO references are submitted, the Mentoring Program Coordinator (contact info listed below) will reach out to you to schedule an interview.

All other applicants 18yrs or older

  1. Fill out the application and TWO reference forms (linked above). Send the reference form links to TWO non-relatives.
  2. Fill out the Des Moines Public Schools volunteer application (third listed, titled “DMPS Volunteer”): Des Moines Independent Community School District – Frontline Recruitment (
  3. When the application, TWO references, and volunteer application are complete, the Mentoring Program Coordinator (contact info listed below) will reach out to you to schedule an interview.


If you are interested in referring your student to the Husky Heroes Mentoring Program as a mentee, please fill out this form: HUSKY HEROES: PARENT/GUARDIAN MENTEE REFERRAL FORM

Please know that mentees can only be matched with mentors based on availability and suitability. Filling out this form does not guarantee your child will be matched with a mentor immediately. They may be on a waiting list for a period of time until a suitable match is determined. You will continue to receive updates from the Mentoring Program Coordinator until a match is determined.

Mentoring Program Coordinator Contact Information

Savannah Stuckmayer (Samuelson Community School Coordinator)

Phone: 218-503-1056 (call or text) Ι Email: