Samuelson Vocabulary for Parents & Guardians

There are a lot of words, terms, and aconyms that get used at schools not all parents and guardians may be familiar with. We want to make sure our communication is always clear, so below is a list of commonly used words, terms or acronyms with their definition to help families understand more about elementary school. Some of the events or activities Samuelson hosts are also listed below.

  • Tiers I, II, III: refers to the level of academic or behavioral intervention needed to support a student’s success. Samuelson has committess for each tier that meet regularly. Tier I typically plans school-wide celebrations or monthly fun activities for classrooms because that level supports all students.
  • SEL: social-emotional learning.
  • Conferences: a meeting between a student’s parents or guardians and the student’s classroom teacher to discuss progress or share concerns about the student. Conferences happen once in the fall and once in the spring.
  • Title Night: Samuelson is a Title school, which is a federal funding source provided to schools with higher levels of low-income families. One requirement for receiving the funding is to host two family events free of charge to families, which Samuelson typically holds in the fall and in the spring.
  • PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. This is a strategy used by many schools to promote and reinforce expected behaviors. Samuelson’s PBIS words are Respectful, Responsible, and Motivated Learner. These words are posted in many locations around the school and reinforced frequently thorughout the day.
  • Go the Distance Day: each spring, Samuelson students and staff go out on the blacktop and dance for 30 minutes to promote healthy physical activity. Mr. Ho begins teaching students the dances so they can practice a few weeks beforehand. Some of the dances are the Cha Cha Slide, Hokey Pokey, Macarena, and more.
  • Field Day: This event typically has been held in the spring, but we moved it to the fall for school year 2022-2023 and it was a huge hit! Grade levels are split up to go outside during the morning and afternoon for a variety of Field Day activities. Some activity examples include relay races, tug of war, and water games. Families are encouraged to come volunteer or watch their students participate.
  • Walk-a-Thon: this is a fundraiser through the Samuelson PTO. Each student gets a packet with items that can be ordered with proceeds going to the PTO. On a date in the fall, grade levels go outside and walk outside on the track for 30 minutes to demonstrate that fitness is fun. Students that raise the most money win a pizza party with the principal.
  • Fun Night: this is a fundraiser through the Samuelson PTO.  Typically held in early spring on a Friday evening. Games, food, silent auction, and music. All proceeds go to the PTO.