Volunteer at Samuelson


Samuelson wants YOU! Interested in volunteering at Samuelson? Fill out the DMPS Volunteer Application and Samuelson’s Community School Coordinator will follow-up with you to discuss your options. Application here → Online Employment Application | Open Positions (applitrack.com)

There are three different volunteer applications for DMPS buildings. To volunteer at Samuelson, please use the “DMPS Volunteer” application and be sure to select Samuelson Elementary as your preferred school. All volunteer applications are valid for five years and take between 1-5 weeks to be approved. The application is housed with all DMPS job vacancies, so be forewarned it will look like you are filling out a job application.

All volunteer applications are valid for 5 years once approved and would vet you to volunteer at any DMPS building.

Get your application done now so you’re ready to start volunteering right away when the 2023-2024 school year starts!

We are also open to new volunteer ideas or volunteers who cannot physically come to Samuelson. Teachers are always needing help with preparing materials, so sometimes that could mean a volunteer takes something home to work on it and brings it back the next day. Any help is appreciated!

**Please note, if you would like to visit your child for lunch or for a school-wide event, you do not need to complete a volunteer application. An application is only needed if you are going to be volunteering for something on an ongoing basis AND you will be working with students. If you are volunteering for a one-time opportunity, you can check in with our office manager in lieu of the volunteer application. **