Family Engagement

Family Engagement is very important to us at Samuelson, and we recognize this can look different for everyone. It’s important to us that all families feel engaged with the school, in whatever ways they are comfortable and able. Below are some examples of what family engagement could look like at Samuelson. You might be surprised by how many things you’re already doing, or by how easy it is to get your family engaged!

  • Downloading the Snap! Connect app and checking posts
  • Responding to a message from your child’s classroom teacher
  • Helping your child participate in dress up days
  • Checking out the Teacher Wishlist page of our website and donating something to a teachers classroom
  • Reading the school newsletter our office manager posts every other month
  • Coming to family events, like title nights or Field Day
  • Volunteer for Samuelson
  • Visiting your child during their lunch
  • Scrolling through Samuelson’s website
  • Talking to your child about how their school day was and about what they are learning
  • Signing up for and attending your child’s parent-teacher conferences
  • Participating in the PTO
  • Participating in the School Advisory Council (SAC)
  • Donating gently used clothing and winter gear to Samuelson’s Community School Coordinator
  • Keeping your child’s teacher updated if a big change happens at home
  • Making sure your child is at school on time (7:30-7:45am)

This list is not all-inclusive, but know that big or small, there are LOTS of ways to be an engaged family at Samuelson!