Preparing For The Weather Ahead

Fall is here and winter is steadily approaching. This means plenty of cold weather, some of it dangerously cold. Before sending your child out to the bus stop or dropping them off at school, take a few moments to make sure that they are dressed appropriately for the weather.

When dressing children for the outdoors during the winter months it is important to pay attention to the actual temperature and the wind chill factor. Sometimes the actual temperature may not seem that cold, but once the wind chill is factored in the temperature is dangerously cold. Winter coats are the logical place to start when dressing your child, but don’t forget all the seemingly unimportant extras. Snow pants are a must, especially if there is any chance that your child will be playing outside during recess. Recess will remain outdoors unless the temperatureĀ  or wind chill is below 15 degrees. Boots with plenty of insulation will help keep your child’s feet warm and dry. Don’t forget the mittens or gloves, scarf and a hat. Little fingers are especially at risk for frostbite, and the same goes for little ears. The goal is to have as little exposed skin as possible because exposed skin is always at risk for frostbite in cold temperatures. Not only will covering your child’s skin help protect them from the threat of frostbite, it also helps keep their skin from becoming dry and cracked.

Remember, you want what’s best for your children. This means keeping them as safe and as comfortable as possible throughout the cold winter months. Dress them appropriately, and frostbite is one less thing you will need to worry about. Keep warm!


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