Help us Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!

Get into Character Samuelson!

Help us Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!

Dress up as a storybook character!

Get creative! Use everyday items to put your costume together, or reuse an old Halloween Costume!

Poke the lenses out of 3D pair of glasses, grab a stick and put on a Lightning tattoo and you are Harry Potter!

Use a princess dress from Halloween or fancy party dress and become Cinderella, Ariel or carry a stuffed/plastic frog and be Tatiana from The Princess and the Frog.

Use a character stocking hat:

Monkey hat= Curious George

Frog hat=  from Froggy books or Frog and Toad

Bear hat + blonde dolly= Baby Bear and Goldilocks

Cowboy boots, hat and cat whiskers= Puss in Boots

Red hoodie (and basket)= Red Riding Hood

Wear your backpack and carry a notebook and be Jack or Annie from Magic Tree House!

Join in the fun Monday, March 2, 2015

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